MLB plans on expanding instant replay for 2014

Posted: July 16, 2013 in News, Opinion

By Steven Inmanuntitled

Joe Torre announced today that Major League Baseball will expand on Instant Replay starting next season in 2014. “We’re pretty confident we’ll have it in place for 2014.” Joe Torre said Tuesday.

A decision will still have to be approved by the MLB players association which shouldn’t be a problem.

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has been publically against expanded instant replay but seems to have softened on his stance.

I believe an expansion to Instant Replay is over due at this point. There are just too many missed calls especially on the base paths over the past few years. Some kind of “challenge” system like the NFL would work well here.

If a manager believes a call was missed they could challenge the call and if they got it right they could get another challenge for later in the game. If they got it wrong they wouldn’t get another challenge.

By just adding an extra umpire somewhere in the stadium, they could check right away if the call was right or wrong instead of now when the umps discuss if a homerun was fair or foul and then all go into the stadium for five or six minutes to check the replay.

With this new system I believe you would save a lot of time on replays because you won’t have managers coming out and screaming at the umpire for blown calls.

Well have to wait and see what kind of changes baseball has in mind.

Do you think baseball needs to expand on it’s instant replay system?

  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – The MLB is long over due for intalling an instant reply system. With TVs now in place in all the newly constructed ball parks every fan knows almost immediately when ever an umpire gets any call wrong. Then the umpires hear the “Boos” resonating for several minutes throught out the balll park or even perhaps for the rest of the game. Surely, the Commissioner can’t possibly want such conditions as that to prevail. In fact, personally, I would like to see the HP ump replaced completly on the calling of balls and strikes. The strike zone is the strike zone. A ball should always be a ball and a strike shouls always be a stike. No more expanding or contracting of the strike zone. No more of the lets move the game along quickly on get away day. Many broad casts for clubs around the nation show an electronic diagam of balls and strikes after each close pitch and often enough the umps far too many calls wrong. Rookies get no respect on close calls and stars get too much credit like Barry Bonds did. Would Tom Glavine have won over 300 games if the umps hadn’t routinely called his wide of the plate ptches stikes because of the chronic and constant complaining of Bobby Cox on practically every pitch? I rest my case. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike unfortunately baseball has been very hesitant to make any kind of technological changes into the game. Baseball has been ages behind the technological advances of the NBA and the NFL.
      It seems like they may finally add replay next year on balls that are trapped in the outfield and perhaps on the bases. It is long overdue.
      However with the fight that Bud Selig has put up to install these changes, it seems to me that baseball is a very very very long way away from umpires being replaced for the automatic strike zone. I would be surprised if that happens any time soon even though I think it would help the game.
      Umpire mistakes are part of the game, without them, Santana never would have had that no hitter last year, instead Beltran would have been awarded a double. I don’t think it is fair thought that the strike zone expands on getaway day and shrinks when a rookie steps into the box. The umpire human element will stay in the game for a very long time however I completely agree with your thought process here. Thanks for the comment Mike!

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