Game 84: New York Mets at Milwaukee Brewers

Posted: July 6, 2013 in News, Opinion
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New York Mets (36-47)imagesCADQ3WP8 

1) Eric Young Jr. LF

2) Daniel Murphy 2B

3) David Wright 3B

4) Ike Davis 1B

5) Marlon Byrd RF

6) Kirk Nieuwenhuis CF

7) John Buck C

8) Omar Quintanilla SS

9) Shaun Marcum RHP

Milwaukee Brewers (34-51) 

1) Norichika Aoki RF

2) Jean Segura SS

3) Carlos Gomez CF

4) Aramis Ramirez 3B

5) Jonathan Lucroy C

6) Juan Francisco 1B

7) Rickie Weeks 2B

8) Logan Schafer LF

9) Yovani Gallardo RHP

I’ll be interested in seeing how Ike Davis handles a major league curveball tonight. He will be getting a good one with Gallardo. Always interesting too see a pitcher fare against his former team and that is what Shaun Marcum will hope to do Saturday night. Important to know that the Mets have just one hitter who is hitting better than .270 and that is David Wright.


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