David Wright reclaims starting 3B job for NL in latest ballot update

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Citi Field, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanuntitled

Mets 3B David Wright has reclaimed the top spot as the all star starter for third base in the National League in the latest all star ballot update. Wright was behind the injured Pablo Sandoval.

“6 all-star games and I’d gladly trade them all away to be at this one” Wright told reporters.

Wright clearly has the superior numbers but the Giants have stuffed the ballot boxes the last few years. David Wright is now leading Pablo Sandoval at third base, albeit by an uncomfortably small margin of fewer than 130,000 votes.

Last year Wright was up over 500,000 on Sandoval with only a few days to go and lost by over two million despite Wright having the superior numbers yet again.

This time it’s different though. Sandoval is having half the year that Wright is plus, Sandoval has spent a few weeks on the disabled list.

With Bruce Bochy as the manager of the NL Pablo Sandoval will get on the roster anyway. With the game at Citi Field it should give the fans even more incentive to let Wright start the game.

The best players should be starting the all-star game it shouldn’t be a popularity contest where the Bay Area can stuff the ballot box.

Both the NL and the AL rosters will be announced on July 6th on FOX.

  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – David Wright should have started last year and he should start this year. In two weeks – one week before the All Star game – the Mets are on the road in SF. Will the SF fans still be able to vote when the Mets are in their building? If so, then all we can do is hope that this year is not a repeat performance of last year. I could see SF fans stuffing the ballot boxes again just to spite the Mets fans while David Wright is playing in their building. Mike

  2. Hi! My name is Vigen. I am a designer from Spain. Your blog seems pretty interesting to me, hence I’d like to befriend with you.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Appreciate it Vigen! I write about the Mets everyday so make sure to check out the site and like the BrokeMets facebook page! If you ever have any Baseball questions feel free to leave a comment on any post

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