It’s time to move Shaun Marcum to the bullpen

Posted: June 19, 2013 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

The Mets plan on going with a six man rotation for the next few weeks. Matt Harvey has already publically complained about not getting the ball every 5th day and I think it would be a major mistake to get young guys like Harvey and Zack Wheeler off of their usual routine.

It appeared that Dillon Gee and Jeremy Hefner were competing to keep one spot in the rotation. Both have turned their seasons around since then. Shaun Marcum hasn’t.

Marcum was ineffective again giving up five runs thru 4 2/3rds in Atlanta where after Marcum’s start Wednesday night vs. the Braves he fell to 0-9 on the season with a 5.43 earned run average.

Marcum’s best outing actually came out of the bullpen when he threw eight strong innings in a loss to the Marlins last weekend.

He is the only pitcher who is pitching poorly right now in the Mets rotation and it doesn’t make sense to consistently use a six man rotation.

Also Marcum has heavy incentives in his contract that are based on games started and innings pitched on top of the $4 million guaranteed. The Mets could save themselves some money if they move Marcum to the bullpen.

I thought if the Mets were out of the race, that they could move Marcum for something decently valuable at the trade deadline. That no longer looks possible as Marcum has pitched very poorly for the most part.

Marcum has been the Mets worst starter this season and if anybody should move to the bullpen it should be him.

  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – Shaun Marcum has been a disappointment. When he was aquired I thought it was a good signing because I remembered seeing him pitch impressively in the play offs for the Brewers. While he has shown that kind of stuff for the Mets during his regular starts and especially in the 8 innings vs the Marlins last week during the extra innings game, his seems to have one bad inning pracically every start and the Mets din’t have a long enough hitting line up that can bail him out when he doesn’t consistently put up zeros for six or seven innings. He will be an expensive long man but maybe that role is better suited for him with Zack Wheeler on the Mets horizon and Montero and Leathersich also getting themselves MLB ready. While there is some great looking young pitching getting ready to join Matt Harvey the Mets still need power, speed and solid defense at every position with strong middle relief that can hold a lead so Parnell can come in and shut the door in the ninth. That is the kind of Mets team that I long to see. Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Yeah Mike I really liked the Marcum move I thought it was a low risk high reward move where they could flip him later on. He’s been bad. As you mentioned its just one inning that does him in. It looks like in that one big inning that he just runs out of gas so maybe he’s better out of the pen. I apologize if I didn’t explain earlier but Jack Leathersich is strictly a reliever, probably a lefty specialist. He can definitely help the Mets pen soon as he just got promoted to Triple A. Thanks Mike!

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