Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada both put on notice

Posted: May 29, 2013 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

The Mets had a meeting with both 1B Ike Davis and SS Ruben Tejada telling both that they much change their approach at the plate immediately. If this doesn’t change they can be both be in the minor leagues by the weekend. Both players are on thin ice.

Omar Quintanilla would probably be the replacement for Tejada. The plan for Ike Davis’ potential replacement remains a mystery. The team would probably move Daniel Murphy to first and then give more playing time to Jordany Valdespin and Justin Turner at second base.

These two players have by far been the most disappointing players on the Mets. Both have been bad offensively and defensively and seemingly have just lost their way at the plate.

Keep in mind that Sandy Alderson didn’t draft or develop either of these players and could have no problem pulling the string on a demotion.

Davis seems to have a different batting style everyday at the plate but will not have any success until he moves his hands down and move closer to the plate. It would also behoove Ike to stop swinging at breaking balls in the dirt.

I don’t think the Mets would make the move during the subway series but perhaps they would after but before the team flies out to play the Marlins on Friday.

Should the Mets send both Tejada and Davis to the minor leagues and who should be called up?


  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – I had tuned in to Mike Francesa (Mets & Jets hater) at 1:00 pm to hear his opening monolouge on last night’s game. He did say a few things but chose to emphasize the fring of the Rangers coach and the story that the Mets had put bouth Ike and Ruben “On Notice” yesterday and if the Mets had lost last night they both would be gone already. In contrast, if the NYY win tonight, tomorrow or win both games he will have plenty to say favoring the NYY and much to disfavor the Mets. Jeff’s comment to Rivera should never have been uttered and would not have ever been uttered by any competitive GM like EG Cashman, Sabean, Amarro or by any other playoff bound team’s GM. Does this guy want to win or should he be selling commercial real estate like his father, our owner? Hopefully, tonight will be Jeremy Hefner’s turn to earn a long over due W. Lets Go Mets! Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Mike that’s an interesting point that you say Francesa made and while I agree that the two are on thin ice, I don’t get the sense that it’s based on the teams performance. If the team didn’t come back against the greatest closer of all time yesterday, I don’t think either is heading to the minor leagues right now. Why Francesa is talking about hockey today is probably a story for another day.

      As for WIlpon’s comments, look is he the most intelligent Owner in the world? Obviously not and he’s made dumb comments before but he has a much smaller impact on this clubs day to day operations that you might think. This is Sandy’s team. It’s Sandy and his staffs decision to determine what to do with Ike and Ruben not the Wilpons. We can scream at the Wilpons in the offseason when were demanding them to spend money. Thanks as always for the comment Mike and lets go Mets!

  2. Andrew Paladino says:

    By far the best solution would be Ike to Vegas, Murphy to 1B, JV1 to 2B. This has been my idea since talks of Ike going down sprung up, but now that Tejada might get sent down too, it may have to be altered to include Turner and JV1 switching off up the middle or something. Bottom line is that the Mets have literally nothing to lose by letting these guys go down and work stuff out, and it’s a good opportunity to give JV1 the starting experience that could turn him into a legitimate player.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Well Andrew if they send down Tejada, I think Omar Quintanilla gets called up and will play everyday at short. He’s not great but he can catch the ball at short and could be a stop gap guy while Tejada tries to figure things out in Vegas. As for Ike, I’d rather Murph move to first than Duda. It’s time to let JV1 get his chance. I still think at best he’s a bench player but lets find out. Let him play second everyday for a month or so, so we don’t have to go through these questions again next year. Thanks so much for the comment Andrew!

  3. Brnx53 says:

    I think Davis should be sent down and Tejada moved to a reserve role on the bench, Valdespin to ss and Turner to 2nd and Murphy to 1st…hopefully Davis can work out his hitting problems and be back up after the all star break. As for Tejada he is nothing but a back up anyway, and his defense {which is his strong suit} hasn’t been good at all this year.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Brnx53, I definitely believe Tejada will be playing everyday whether it’s in the minors or the majors. The Mets tried Valdespin at short last year and he winded up making three errors in a game in Washington. They might give him some time at second however. I think your right about Tejada, he is probably more of a backup player but he is the most talented shortstop in the organization right now so they should spend the rest of the year finding out what kind of player he is. Thanks so much for the comment!

  4. Greg says:

    Believe me, I dislike Wilpon as much as the next guy and pray he sells the team. However, I believe Wilpon had meant that he wished the Mets would MEET the Yankees in the World Series, but wasn’t sure that would happen. I do not believe it was any sort of knock on the Yankees ability to make the World Series. However, like most of what Wilpon does, he screwed up getting his point across. Just my opinion.

    • Steven Inman says:

      Greg your definitely right, the comment was directed toward the Mets inability to make the postseason not toward the Yankees. That being said why would you say that about your own team? It’s not the first time the Wilpons dissed one of their own teams for no reason. That being said were all just wasting our time in trying to get them to leave. The money situation is definitely getting better from what I’m hearing. We can blame the Wilpon’s if they don’t spend this offseason. The Mets only have Wright, Niese and arbitration guys on their books so they should have 50 million dollars to spend even if they don’t raise payroll. Thanks so much for the comment Greg!

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