Possible Mets 1st round draft picks

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Future Mets, News, Opinion

By Steven Inman

North Carolina 3B Colin Moran

North Carolina 3B Colin Moran

The MLB first year player draft is now just 16 days away and rumors are swirling about players the Mets could take. Most of the speculation has the Mets taking a college bat. That would make the most sense as the Mets system desperately needs a bat that can get through the system quickly. They really don’t have one of those right now.

Recent speculation has them taking North Carolina 3B Colin Moran. Moran is deemed as one of the top college bats in the country if not the highest ranked college bat. Moran may not last up to 11 but the Mets like him a lot. Moran would be a great pick at 11 and could move through the system quickly.

The Mets have $6.99 million in slot money to spend on this year’s draft.

The last time the Mets went for a North Carolina kid in the first round it worked out pretty well when they drafted Matt Harvey 7th overall in 2010.

High School outfielders Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier are the two best bats in the draft but both will likely be taken before the Mets are on the clock.

1B Dominic Smith could be the Mets first round pick

1B Dominic Smith could be the Mets first round pick

ESPN MLB insider Keith Law has the Mets taking high school lefty 1B Dominic Smith. Smith is another lefty with a very pretty swing. Coming out of High School in California,  Smith will likely be available when the Mets take the stage with the 11th pick.

The Mets have gone with high school bats in the first round in Sandy Alderson’s first two drafts as Mets General Manager. It’s possible they could go that way again with Smith.

As of now it sounds like unless a major college pitcher falls, the Mets will take a bat. 16 days from now until the draft can change things a lot though.

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Meadows is my dream pick for the Mets. A 5 tool CF is something we could use for sure. I would not be happy with Smith, if we think Ike is the 1B of the future Smith makes no sense. He can’t play anywhere else. Also, if they draft a pitcher I may throw a shoe at my TV, no reason to draft an arm with our system. Just my opinions, but I feel we need a bat BAD

    • Steven Inman says:

      Yeah I’m with you Mike we need multiple bats for this system. Meadows has a great swing and is as projectable as any high school bat could be but he’s not falling to 11 most likely. Colin Moran’s in play which makes me think the Mets believe he can move to left. Thanks for the comment Mike! I’ll more draft coverage next week

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