Scott Hairston: Mets wanted different direction

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

Many thought that it was a done deal that if the Mets didn’t bring in a “star” outfielder that New York would bring back OF Scott Hariston. Hariston hit 20 homers for the Mets last year turning that into a two year deal worth five million for the Cubbies over the offseason.

With the Mets in town to play the Chicago Cubs this weekend Hairston talked to the New York media about not resigning with the Mets. “I get the feeling that they wanted to go in a different direction,” Hairston told “There was an opportunity — a slight opportunity — for me to come back to New York. I just didn’t get the sense that they wanted to move forward in that direction.”

Hairston has gotten off to a miserable start this season in Chicago batting just .125 in 52 plate appearances this season. He got off to a slow start in New York during his first season with the Mets. It could just be adjusting to a new city and a new team. Hariston is a good hitter and will probably have some big hits for the Cubs off the bench over the next few years.

With the way the Mets outfield has played this season, Hairston and the Mets probably regret the outfielder leaving New York. Hariston would be playing every day, probably in centerfield for the Mets if he was still on the team.

It’s still early but if the Mets outfield continues its early season play, Sandy Alderson will need to bring in a major overhaul of outfield talent for the 2014 Mets.


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