Mets must ride it out with Ike Davis

Posted: May 13, 2013 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

Ike Davis continues to struggle after going 0-4 with 2 K’s out of the cleanup spot in Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Pirates. Davis, 26, is hitting .180 with 4 homers in 111 at bats. There has been a lot of speculation that Ike can be sent to Triple A Las Vegas soon if he doesn’t get it going. I think that would be a major mistake. The Mets must ride it out with Ike Davis.

I’m a fan of what hitting coach Dave Hudgens has done in getting Met hitters to take more pitches in an effort to get to the opposing teams bullpen. That being said it’s not working for Ike as it seems like he’s behind a strike before he even takes a swing. He’s clearly struggling under Dave Hudgens hitting philosophy of taking so many pitches and questioned the philosophy to the media after yesterdays loss. When Ike gets down 0-2 he’s practically already out based on some very depressing heat maps.BKKG_a9CIAII47K

Mechanically it seems like Ike changes his batting stance at least once a week and he has to move closer to the plate. If I was a pitcher facing him I just throw him off speed junk on the outer half of the plate until he adjusts. I think he’ll get it going eventually. Ike with 2 strikes is batting 5- 57 with 39 strikeouts.

If they sent him down and moved Duda to first, who plays outfield then? You want to give guys like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Juan Lagares more at bats? I believe he is still their best option. Just ride it out with him and hope for the best.

I think the best thing Ike has going for him now is that he went through this last year and pulled through to have a decent season. I think we could see it again but he has been by far the most disappointing Met through the first quarter of the season.


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