Frank Francisco getting close to rejoining Mets

Posted: May 11, 2013 in News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Frank Francisco will be moving on to Double-A Binghamton to continue his rehab this weekend. Francisco was awful last season but at this point he really can’t be much worse than the guys that they have been sending out now.

The Mets bullpen has been awful this year with the 4th worst earned run average in the majors.

Francisco was shutdown early in March after experiencing discomfort in his elbow and has been on the disabled list since the end of Spring Training.

It sounds like if Francisco is activated Jeurys Familia would be sent to the disabled list to make room on the 25-man roster. Familia has been dealing with bicep tendonitis.

  1. Michael Young says:

    Steve – I just watched the Mets – Pirates Saturday game until the 9th inning rain delay. If today’s game is any indication, the Mets obviously need a lot more than Frank Francisco. Today, IMO, the Mets looked like a team that has already hit rock bottom. Ron’s concluding remarks on Jon Niese this year vs last year were for Jon and Mets fans most unfortunate to say the least. I keep watching as the Mets keep spinning their wheels and ours as fans. Matt Harvey and David Wright are not nearly enough. The ownership has got to do something to make the fans want to root for this team. If they can’t handle the heat they need to get out of the kitchen and sell to new owners who want to win. It is becoming a matter of self respect and being able to man up and do the right thing for this franchise. This was a painful loss. Don’t they feel the pain? What is wrong with them anyway? Mike

    • Steven Inman says:

      Well Mike, if losing by 10 to the Pirates isn’t rock bottom i dont know what is. I feel your pain as a Met fan but dont hold your breath on the Wilpon’s leaving. That’s not happening for the forseeable future whether they are equipped to be owners or not. As for Niese apparently his neck isn’t right along with some back stiffness. I’d put him on the disabled list and let him get right becasue right now he’s inefective. Thanks for the feed back Mike!

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