Johan Santana is behind in his throwing program, Opening Day in jeopardy

Posted: February 22, 2013 in News, Spring Training
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By Steven InmanimagesCAU5LIB3

Sandy Alderson told the media this morning that Johan Santana is behind in his throwing program and will have his March 2nd Spring Training start pushed back. Santana is now expected to start his first spring training game sometime in the March 10th-15th range. Alderson said there is no specific injury for Santana and that he is just building up arm strength again. Alderson did say that Opening day could be in jeopardy now however. “Right now we don’t think so but it’s obviously a possibly.” Alderson said to reporters a few minutes ago.

Obviously this is a major concern as Santana has had injury after injury for the last few years with the Mets. If Santana has no more setbacks than he will start opening day against the Padres but based on his history that isn’t guaranteed. If the Mets want to be successful this year they need a strong start from Santana.

Pitching coach Dan Warthen isn’t too worried noting that Santana is long tossing today and if the team was that worried about Santana he wouldn’t be throwing. Warthen has no doubt that Santana will be ready for Opening Day.

  1. Serry Jandusky says:

    Tough break for our man Johan.
    If you want my two cents, he should talk with Heisman Trophy winning Kenny Rodgers about building up arm strength in a short span of time. Rodgers is the best pitcher in NHL history.

  2. Steven Inman says:

    Yeah I don’t think this is a major deal and Bobby Ojeda said this is pretty normal for a pitcher who missed the last few months of the previous year. I think Santana will be okay on this one but appreciate the feedback!

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