Next year’s outfield class is terrible

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven InmanimagesCADQ3WP8

Another reason for the Mets to try and sign Michael Bourn, next year’s free agent class of outfielders is terrible.  Players like Shin- Soo Choo, former Met prospect Nelson Cruz, Hunter Pence and Jacoby Ellsbury headline the class of free agent outfielders next year. They are good players but will probably be paid heavily based on the lack of outfield talent on next year’s market.

Ideally the Mets can sign Bourn now and sign a corner outfielder in 2014. They are not going to be able to fill their entire outfield vacancy in 2014 but they may be able to find one corner bat next offseason when the Mets payroll opens up a little. Despite pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow it does not appear as if the Bourn saga has an end in sight yet.

  1. Josh says:

    You’re forgetting Corey Hart and to a lesser extent Carlos Gomez. Anyways, Choo, Cruz, Pence, Ellsbury, Gomez, and Hart might not be as good as Bourn, Pagan, Upton, Hamilton, Swisher, Victorino, Hunter, and Ross, but it’s not bad by any means. Anyways, signing Bourn is NOT the ideal situation in any way. Bourn is already 30, and will be getting a 3-5 year contract. His speed last year went down to 42 bases, and it will only go down more in the years to come. Without speed, Bourn is nothing – slugging percentages that never reach .400 and OBPs that can’t seem to top .350 with no power whatsoever is not someone the Mets want patrolling their outfield at 10-15 mil a year for the next few years. In my opinion, the Mets should wait out and sign Hart, or if not him, Pence: consistent power that’s a lot less likely to fade than Bourn’s speed.

  2. Steven Inman says:

    In terms of guys who can play center though you are talking about Ellsbury, Gomez and maybe Choo. Those guys are going to get overpaid for their ability to play center alone and I think it makes sense to sign Bourn now and then add a corner Free agent next year. Also the Mets arent signing Bourn for 5 and I dont think they go four either but Corey Hart isnt a bad idea. thanks for the feedback!

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