Mets have three prospects on MLB’s top 100 prospect list

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Future Mets, News
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By Steven Inmanimages

Jonathan Mayo of does a terrific job every year with his top 100 prospect list. This year the Mets had three prospects all within the top 30. Travis d’Arnaud was ranked 6th, Zack Wheeler was ranked 8th and Noah Syndergaard was ranked 29th. Shortstop Jurickson Profar of the Texas Rangers topped the list .


Noah Syndergaard

At this time last year the Mets also had three prospects make the list. In 2012 Wheeler was ranked 28th, Matt Harvey 38th and Jeurys Familia 90th. Matt Harvey no longer qualifies because he has surpassed his rookie status. Once a pitcher passes 50 innings in a season he is no longer considered a rookie.

I think this list shows how much the Mets farm system from the top has grown as the Mets were the only team to have two prospects in the top ten. Not only that but the two of them are expecimagesCAU5LIB3ted to be up and contributing in the big leagues sometime in the first half next year. Syndergaard’s timetable is more late 2014 early 2015. It is very encouraging to see Noah Syndergaard jump as high as he did. He was ranked in the mid 80’s last year and really made improvements with his off speed pitches especially his breaking ball over the summer.

The Mets have a nice group of young players who could develop into a dynamic core over the next two or three years. The Mets are certainly headed in the right direction with their farm system due to two huge trades. Now they just need to draft better and spend a little money in free agency.


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