Mets lose Scott Hairston to Cubs

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Hot Stove, News
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By Steven Inmanimages

It appears that the Mets are running out of outfield options. Former Met outfielder Scott Hairston has signed a two-year contract with the Chicago Cubs worth around $6 million including incentives. It seems as if Scott Hairston was the Mets backup plan if they couldn’t bring in a “big name” outfielder. Six million dollars over two years is not a lot of money for a major league team but apparently it was too much money for the Mets. Hairston batted .263 with an .803 OPS, 20 homers and 57 images2RBI in 398 plate appearances.

Hairston was a big part of the Mets last season and in 2011. It doesn’t make much sense that the while the Mets were interested in Hairston, they weren’t willing to offer him just a two million dollar raise if he hits all of his incentives. The only explanation I think is credible is what John Harper of the Daily News said in a tweet. “Club source insists reason Mets hadn’t re-signed him was “playing time, not money.”

Hairston will platoon with Nate Schierholtz in right field for the Cubs so I can’t see him getting more playing time than he would in the Mets outfield unless the Mets have another outfielder up their sleeve. The Mets privately still believe they will get an outfielder but I’m not buying it anymore. Justin Upton will likely go to a team like Atlanta who have prospects and are willing to deal them now.


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