Mike Piazza does not get into the Hall Of Fame

Posted: January 11, 2013 in News
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By Steven Inmanimages

For the first time since 1996 no player was elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame including Mets catcher, Mike Piazza. Piazza received 57.9% support, which was short of the necessary 75% needed to be elected. It’s very unfortunate as Piazza is considered to be the greatest hitting catcher of all time yet didn’t get elected because he was lumped into the whole steroid issue with the rest of the players on the ballot. In what was considered the greatest Hall of Fame class of all time, the baseball writers winded up getting nobody inducted for only the second time in the last 40 years.

From what I understand the Mets won’t retire Piazza’s #31 until he is in the Hall Of Fame wimagesCADQ3WP8ith a Met hat on. Considering how Piazza received 57.9% on his first time on the ballot he will get the 75% necessary to get in, eventually. However it is unfortunate that now that Piazza has to wait for the Hall Of Fame, he also has to wait to get his number retired by the Mets even longer.

Keep in mind players get 15 years to get into the Hall Of Fames so writers aren’t saying No to Piazza, they are just saying “not right now”.

It appears that the writers tried to make it all about themselves by not giving guys like Mike Piazza and Craig Biggio, their rightful spot in the Hall Of Fame. A third of these writers don’t even cover baseball anymore so they shouldn’t be voting. There seems to be a lot of writers who voted for obscure guys like Shawn Green and Aaron Sele just for attention and publicity, It’s a shame and hopefully these writers don’t cost Piazza his rightful spot in Cooperstown much longer.


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