Mets won’t sign Michael Bourn

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Hot Stove, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanimages

Despite having to wait on the open market much longer than anticipated, free agent outfielder Michael Bourn is still out of the Mets expected budget. Bourn who would be an awesome leadoff hitter and center fielder for the Mets will get a contract far out of the Mets price range. Just when you think a Scott Boras client market’s is dried up he always finds a way. Prince Fielder is a perfect example from last offseason. Fielder got $214 million from the Tigers in late January.

Also Bourn was offered salary arbitration by his old club the Atlanta Braves. That means if the Mets signed him they would have to give up their first round pick, 11th overall to Atlanta. The Mets in addition to the price tag would be unwilling to give up that pick. Only the top ten picks are protected and the Mets are 11th. Bourn would be a nice fit but the Mets have a much better chance of spending money next offseason when their only guaranteed contracts are David Wright and Jon Niese.

Bourn hasn’t gotten the money he was looking for as of yet but teams like the Rangers and Mariners will likely heat up the bidding after the new year.



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