Diamondbacks looked poised to make a big move

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Hot Stove
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By Steven Inmanimages

The Arizona Diamondbacks had four starting outfielders for three spots going into the 2013 season until today when they signed free agent outfielder Cody Ross to a three year contract. Ross was a big target for the Mets but they were never going to give him a three year contract. Ross, 31, recieved $26 million over three years. The Mets were looking at a contract for Ross around half of that money. Now the Dbacks have 5 outfielders for three spots so they looked poised to make a big move or two. Ross joins Justin Upton, Jason Kubel, and Gerardo Parra, and the club also has prospects Adam Eaton and A.J. Pollock knocking on the door. Arizona has made it clear that they want Eaton to be the starting centerfielder.

It’s been no surprise that Justin Upton has been on the trade block for a number of months, if not years but the team still hasn’t gotten a trade offer for Upton that they like. The Mets don’t match up well with the Diamondbacks because both teams strength is their starting pitching. I don’t think the Mets have the prospects to get a player like Upton unless they included Zack Wheeler. Plus Upton is on a 3 year $39 million contract and I’m not sure the Mets can afford that at this time.imagesCAU5LIB3

Parra is a very good outfielder without a starting spot but it sounds like the Dbacks have very little interest in trading him. He deserves to be playing every day but will likely stay in Arizona and be a fourth outfielder. Parra, who has already won a gold glove, can play all three outfield positions.

The player most likely to be traded is leftfielder Jason Kubel. Kubel has some serious pop but really can’t play the outfield and is best suited going back to the American League as a designated hitter.

Jason Kubel is the most likely Dback outfielder to be traded

Jason Kubel is the most likely Dback outfielder to be traded

Also Kubel is a left-hand hitter so that won’t fit the Mets all that well. Kubel will likely get traded to an American League team to be a DH. The Mariners, Yankees and Rangers are the most logical fits but not the Mets.

The Mets should be interested most in Gerardo Parra as he would fit in all three outfield positions but I think the Dbacks will keep him and trade Kubel and or Upton instead.

  1. Josh says:

    just to let you know… the link for adam eaton links to the wrong adam eaton.

  2. Steven Inman says:

    sorry about that, its fixed now thanks!

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