Josh Thole will likely be included in Dickey trade

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Future Mets, Hot Stove, News
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By Steven Inmanimages2

As the Mets get closer and closer to finishing their inevitable trade of R.A. Dickey, it appears likely that Josh Thole will be included in the deal. The Mets have been talking exclusively to the Blue Jays over the past 24 hours and medical records for both clubs have begun to be exchanged which means a deal could be close.

Thole has had his ups and downs at the major league level but the Blue Jays probably want him as more of a backup catcher who can catch Dickey’s knuckleball. Catching a knuckleball is an art few catchers are able to handle. For all of the criticism that Thole has gotten this year for his defense, he did a pretty nice job catching Dickey’s knuckleball.

Thole could be a nice player as a backup but by no means would he be a deal breaker if the Mets had to throw him in to a trade with the Blue Jays. Ideally the Mets could get Travis d’Arnaud and one of the Blue Jays pitching prospects. From what I understand, the Mets aren’t crazy about OF Anthony Gose and would prefer to center a deal around d’Arnaud. Gose is a great defender but he strikes out way too much and may not hit enough to play every day.



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