Could the Mets have pulled off the Myers trade with the Royals?

Posted: December 10, 2012 in News, Opinion
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By Steven Inmanimages

The Royals finally made the move everyone was expected when they sent OF Wil Myers to Tampa for the ace they were looking for. In the end the Royals weren’t very interested in R.A. Dickey. The final offer the Royals made to the Mets was asking for LHP Jon Niese and Mets #1 prospect Zack Wheeler for a similar package that was sent to Tampa. That package was OF Wil Myers, right-hander Jake Odorizzi, left-hander Mike Montgomery and third baseman Patrick Leonard. That package shouldn’t be nearly enough to get Niese and Wheeler and the Mets were smart to turn it down.

First off, the Mets had little interest in trading Jon Niese. Secondly the Mets have less than zero interest in trading Zack Wheeler. Mr. Met has a better chance of getting traded before Wheeler does. The Mets were trying to get a package like this for R.A. Dickey who can be a free agent after 2013, not two young guys who will be under control for at least 11 years combined. James Shields who was the centerpiece of the deal has just two years left on his deal.images2

The Mets were wise to not pull the trigger despite a desperate need for a bat. They can still move Dickey for a bat and they still have some money to go sign a free agent. While it was ideal for the Mets to have some of their offseason needs addressed by now, it isn’t panic time yet.

The R.A. Dickey situation has been the focus of most of the offseason but expect it to get resolved within the next two weeks so the Mets can move onto other things.


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