Teams holding tight to centerfielders in trade talks

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Royals OF Wil Myers

The Mets need for a centerfielder has been well documented but the trade market is moving as slow as ever. Here on BrokeMets we have talked centerfielders like Denard Span, Dexter Fowler, Wil Myers and Gerardo Parra. While all of those guys have received serious trade interest, none of them look to be on the move anytime soon.

Colorado is using Dexter Fowler’s breakout season to ask for a huge return. “Absurd,” one executive says. Minnesota has been doing the same with CF Denard Span, and even with its outfield depth, Arizona has held tight onto Gerardo Parra, who won a Gold Glove in left but could play center. The Twins with Span, the Rockies with Fowler and the Royals with Myers all match up well with the Mets because they need pitching. The Mets depth comes from their starting pitching. Conventional wisdom says if the Mets want to trade for an outfielder they will likely have to give up a starting pitcher.

Arizona isn’t a great trade partner for the Mets because they have a ton of starting pitching depth already. The Diamondbacks are looking for a shortstop and the Mets don’t have one of those to spare. Kansas City’s Wil Myers makes the most sense. The 22-year old hasn’t yet made his major league debut after the right-handed hitter hit 37 bombs in the minor league last season. For some reason the Royals are shopping him for a front line starter according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

Could R.A. Dickey be that front line starter? We talked about that a few days ago under the R.A. Dickey Trade Candidates post. Since then, reports that the Royals are seriously shopping Myers have come out. Royals GM Dayton Moore has made some questionable decisions since taking over as GM so the concept of trading Myers isn’t that surprising. Myers is ranked as the second best position player prospect in baseball behind Ranger SS Jurickson Profar. The Royals might consider the deal if the Mets gave them a window to agree on a contract extension with Dickey.

R.A. Dickey could be moved in a deal for an outfielder

Myers is expected to be the next big star in baseball and is already preseason favorite for the rookie of the year award. His bat is read for the big leagues right now. The question with him is can he play centerfield on an everyday basis or is he a right fielder. The Mets need to fill both those positions this winter anyway.

The Royals have discussed deals with Arizona, Seattle, Oakland and the Rays with Tampa showing the most interest so far. Expect to know if the Royals will deal Myers by the time the Winter Meetings end on December 6th.

With a great bullpen and many young position players, the Royals believe one ace pitcher could put them over the top. Dayton Moore has had the job since 2006 and the team’s record hasn’t improved. The Royals could be tempted to trade Myers to a team like the Mets for Dickey to stay off the hot seat in an effort to show improvement to ownership now.


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