For the Mets to be successful, the Wilpon’s must let Sandy Alderson do his job

Posted: November 23, 2012 in News, Opinion
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By Stevem Inman

Fred and Jeff Wilpon have always been known as “hands on” owners. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it’s there team. However this week Jeff Wilpon told reporters that if the Mets are unable to extend David Wright and R.A. Dickey, his preference is to keep them into the season and let things play out.“The second preference is probably to keep them and have them play out the season. The third preference would be to trade them. They’re both very important to the franchise and they’re both fan favorites and we would like to keep it that way. We’re dealing in hypothetical now, so I don’t want to go there. In terms of right now, the process is ongoing, and we want to get something done. They’re both under contract. We have all the flexibility in the world with that.” Wilpon said.

Basically Wilpon is saying that the team didn’t learn their lesson from letting Jose Reyes play it out on the free agent market. I said at the time that if Reyes became a free agent he was a goner and there was no chance the Mets were going to offer him anywhere near the $106 million he got in Miami. The Mets should have traded him before the offseason or at the deadline. If the Mets can’t agree to contract extensions with Wright or Dickey they must trade them this winter.

Everyone knew Jose Reyes (now a blue jay) was a goner but the Mets chose to let him leave for nothing anyway

I understand that they are fan favorites and had awesome years but the franchise took a huge step back when they let Reyes walk for nothing. If the Mets go into next season with the two not under contract it will be a huge distraction all year long until they are traded at the deadline for a fraction of what they can get for them now. If either one becomes a free agent they are goners as other teams will easily outbid the Mets.

I believe the Mets will resign David Wright sometime near the Winter Meetings in the first week of December. I’m still unsure of Dickey staying in New York long-term as Mets officials are unsure how long he will hold up with his unusually hard knuckleball. The Mets have been listening to offers for Dickey, meaning they aren’t confident in resigning him and are considering a trade if they get a monster package.

If Sandy Alderson deems trading Dickey or Wright is in the Mets best interest then the Wilpon’s cannot intervene and let him do his job. If the Mets don’t resign the two and they don’t trade them, then the Wilpon’s probably intervened with Alderson and his front office. It might hurt the Mets ticket sales if they lose these two next year but it’s not like they were selling a ton of tickets anyway. Besides, all that matters is getting the Mets back to being a contending team as soon as possible. If that means Sandy has to trade a few fan favorites for some prospects you probably haven’t heard of yet, so be it.


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