Torii Hunter gets Beltran money with Detroit

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Hot Stove, News
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By Steven Inman

This morning Torii Hunter signed a two year deal with the Detroit Tigers worth $26 million. There always seems to be a quality free agent who gets left out in the cold every winter and doesn’t sign until late January for well under what he is worth. We have talked about how the Mets should keep an eye on Hunter on more than one occasion in case that becomes his situation.

I believed if Torii Hunter was that guy the Mets should definitely be interested. If Torii Hunter got left out in the cold I thought it would have been wise for the team to sign him to a one year deal.

That wasn’t the case here as Torii Hunter got a lot of serious interest and while he would have been a good fit for the Mets as their right fielder and #2 hitter, the Mets weren’t going near the money he signed for. Hunter received interest as a free agent from the likes of Detroit, Texas, Philly and a few others. Hunter got the same contract that Carlos Beltran got from the Cardinals last winter. At these points in both their careers, Beltran is a much better player than Hunter and it would have made more sense for the Mets to sign Beltran over Hunter.

Hunter had a nice season last season but he is still getting up in age. His BABIP of .389 shows that regression for Hunter is probable next season.

The Mets didn’t sign either player and will be using their limited financial resources to resign their own players like David Wright and R.A. Dickey. While the Mets probably had some interest n Hunter, they had no intention of signing a player for $13 million a year especially for multiple years.


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