What should the Mets do with Jordany Valdespin?

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Rookie Jordany Valdespin came up to the show during the 2012 season and had a few highs and lows throughout the year. The highlight of his season would definitely be hitting a three run homerun in the 9th inning off Jonathan Papelbon in a Mets 5-2 win over the Phillies. (video) The low would be coming in later in the game at shortstop and having a three error game in Washington. The game was right in the middle of the season when the Mets were still in contention that was absolutely brutal to watch. The Mets lost that game in extra innings and one thing was established, Valdespin is not a shortstop. So where can the Mets play him?

Valdespin is has a lot of physical tools but two weaknesses will likely prevent him from being an everyday player. First he doesn’t have a position and most importantly he is very impatient. Valdespin showed glimpses when given the opportunity to play the outfield but he would definitely be below average out there on a daily basis. Valdespin made only 3 errors (all in one game) in 94 games this season but other numbers say Valdespin wasn’t as useful this year. Fangraphs believes he was around league average this year when combining his offense and defense. The defense was considered to have cost the Mets around four or five runs.

Fangraphs hate Valdespin in the outfield but believes he is around league average at second. Again he is just a rookie so it is a really small sample size but the Mets have Daniel Murphy at second base and he played really well there this season. It doesn’t make sense to me to move Murphy in an effort to free up a spot for Valdespin.

While the eight homeruns in 206 plate appearances are nice, Valdespin hit just .241 with a .286 on base percentage this season. Valdespin walked less than 5% of his plate appearances and struck out in a whopping 21%.

Valdespin has also been criticized by Mets management for disciplinary reasons and the front office has really soured on him since they have come into office. The Mets old regime loved Valdespin and believed he could be an everyday player. Well, there is a reason they all got fired. Valdespin to me is not a major league player unless he changes his attitude and most importantly approach at the plate. He will likely go to Triple A Las Vegas putting up awesome numbers in the high altitude. Don’t be fooled Mets fans, Valdespin is not part of the solution in Queens and hopefully another team decides to trade for him because of his talent.


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