On the bright side at least the Mets aren’t the Rockies

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Opinion

By Steven Inman

In our latest segment of “on the bright side at least the Mets aren’t….” BrokeMets is taking a look at the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies were arguably the poorest run franchise in 2012. There were questionable front office shakeups including co-general managers. Worst of all (at least so far) was a highly questionable decision by manager Jim Tracy and the front office to employ a four man pitching rotation. Each pitcher was allowed to throw only 75 pitches. The problem is their rotation was the worst in baseball this year so there wasn’t a difference between throwing five bad starters, 100 pitches compared to four bad starters throwing 75 pitches.

Jerry Manuel was interviewed for the Rockies mangerial position

Yesterday, numerous reports had the Rockies interviewing former Mets manager Jerry Manuel for their new managerial opening after Jim Tracy resigned. Jerry Manuel was the Mets manager from 2008-2010 and make Terry Collins look like Tony LaRussa. After Jerry Manuel’s stint with the Mets I felt it was shocking that he has a legit chance of getting another manager job. Manuel will always be remembered for saying the word “gangsta” after every big win. (their weren’t too many of those.) Manuel’s main competition appears to be Jason Giambi who hasn’t even retired yet and has no major league experience. If I had to bet, I expect Giambi to retire from playing and be the next manager for the Rockies. That will be irrevelant if the Rockies don’t find three if not four starting pitchers.

No Rockie would make the Mets starting rotation for 2013 the way their staff is currently constructed. While they have some solid position players like Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler they might need to trade a big piece in order to get some starting pitching depth. We have already talked about maybe trading Jon Niese to Colorado for a deal involving Dexter Fowler. (Just speculation)

Carlos Gonzalez doesn’t get the recognition he deserves becasue his team is so bad

With a power struggle going on in the front office,  some questionable managerial candidates and most importantly no starting pitching the Colorado Rockies don’t appear to be heading in the right direction. If you are a Mets fan you can always think on the bright side at least we aren’t the Rockies.


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