Mike Trout should have been a Met

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Opinion
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By Steven Inman

You didn’t read that headline wrong Mike Trout could have and should have been a Met. That’s right the best player in baseball.(who should win the AL MVP) could have been patrolling centerfield for the Mets. Oh and by the way the Mets don’t have a centerfielder.

The Angels having Mike Trout is a chain reaction that goes all the way back to 2008. In 2008 the Mets bullpen was horrendous and caused them to give Francisco Rodriguez a three year contract. Back then free agents had statuses known as type A and Type B. Type A meant a team that signed the free agent had to give a first round pick to the player’s former club. That meant the Mets had to give a first round pick to the Angels.

The Yankees also signed a type A free agent from the Angels, Mark Teixera and had to give a first round pick to the Angels. So the next year the Angels had the 24th and 25th picks in the 2009 MLB Draft. With the 25th pick in the 2009 draft the Angels took Mike Trout the New Jersey kid. Now the Mets would have had the 24th pick in this draft so they would have had priority over the Yankees or Angels.


Now who knows if the Mets would have been smart enough to draft Trout? However he was a local kid their for the taking and the Mets back then used to love taken local high school kids with their first pick.I believe the Mets would have taken Trout but that’s just speculation on my part. The Yankees swear they would have taken Trout had they had their pick while the Mets have never comentted on it. The Yankees have the same regime that they did in ’09 while the Mets changed their front office up last year. For the record the Mets best prospect Zack Wheeler was taken with bthe 6th pick by the Giants in the ’09 draft. You can find the entire draft here.

Now the biggest question is how did Mike Trout get passed over by so many teams??? Though Trout was scouted by MLB teams, he was at the time passed over by teams in the draft since players from New Jersey and most East coast states typically do not play baseball throughout the year as they do in warmer states such as Texas, and Florida. It just goes to show you how important the draft truly is for teams wheather you have money or you don’t. Every team needs good young players making the league minimum. Another thing to learn from this Mets is don’t give up first round picks for relievers.


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