By 2014 the Wilpon’s will be forced to spend money

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Opinion
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By Steven Inman

Unfortunately as we all know right now the Mets ownership has no money to spend on Mets. With a payroll around 95 million and many young players eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter the Mets have literally zero dollars to spend on 2013 and will have to be extremely creative to form a competitive team next season. That being said the Wilpons will spend money in 2014. Book it.

Why am I so confident the Fred and Jeff Wilpon (pictured left to right) will spend money next offseason? Well for starters, the only player under contract after this season is Jon Niese. 5 million bucks plus young plaers eligible for arbitration is all that is currently constructed on the Mets payroll for the 2014 season so they have to spend a serious amount of money even if they keep the payroll at the 95 million level it is expected to be at for this upcoming season. If they don’t then they will have a payroll lower than the Pirates who are known for their stinginess and lowest in the game. If this gets to that level (I don’t think it will) Bud Selig will have to step in at that point.

I think because of the payroll being wide open after this season it gives the Mets a lot of flexibility. They can sign Wright and R.A. Dickey to long-term deals in addition to finally signing free agents and making big trades. The possibility of backloading a long-term deal is also there for Sandy Alderson where the Mets can save some payroll commitments now for 2014. With that being said, I still expect the Mets to wait until 2014 to spend on free agents again. Be patient Mets fans, the light at the end of the tunnel is coming.


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