Mets Top Trade Candidates

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Hot Stove, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

After a rough 2012 season recent reports of everyone being up for grabs except for David Wright have been brought up. The team needs two starting outfielders, a catcher and lots of bullpen help. Mets officials also have serious concern about the lack of power on the team. Here are the five Mets I feel are the Most likely to be traded and bring back useful pieces in return with #1 the most likely to be traded of the five.

1. Ike Davis: We have talked about this a few times now and the bottom line is the Mets believe they can get more value with Duda at 1st and trading Ike for a useful 30 homerun outfielder. The Mets are going to ask for a boatload for Ike Davis and they believe they can get a cheap on the rise to stardom outfielder with some pop. The Red Sox reportedly had two scouts at Monday’s Mets-Marlins game, with speculation they were watching Davis. The Red Sox have outfield prospects Jackie Bradley and Bryce Brentz who could be ready for the big leagues by the All Star Break. The Mets don’t have to get power back in a Davis deal if they get power in another deal. Ike is eligible for arbitration this winter going from the league minimum to about $3 million.

2. Jon Niese: We have discussed this one too here, the Mets strength is their rotation and they have Zack Wheeler who is close to big league ready. The Mets could get just as much if not more than what the Athletics got for Gio Gonzalez. Niese’s contract extension kicks in this year after making $800 thousand this year he should make $3 million next season.

3. Daniel Murphy: I think this one would be a major mistake but the Mets have put Murph out there as trade bait time and time again and if the Mets get an offer they really like he could be on the move. The Mets discussed the parameters of a deal with the Dodgers last winter to a point where Dodgers GM Ned Colletti thought he was acquiring Murph from the Mets for an outfielder. Instead the Mets traded Angel Pagan in the deal for Andres Torres to fill their centerfield hole. Murphy is also expected to gain a sizeable raise being arbitration eligible for the 1st time.

4. Bobby Parnell: The Mets have given Parnell dozens of opportunities to be the teams closer but he is simply more comfortable as a 7th or 8th inning guy. He will be eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter and should make a around $1million. The Mets are likely to blow up their entire bullpen (except Francisco because of his contract) so Parnell could be traded in the right deal.

5. R.A. Dickey: R.A.’s future with the organization is not entirely secure, a team source acknowledged according to Adam Rubin of ESPNNY. The Mets have a $5 million option on the knuckleballer for 2013, but he will be seeking a big extension this winter. Despite knuckleballers often successfully pitching into their 40s, Mets officials appear wary of making a sizable commitment. That could lead Dickey to being traded this offseason if the right deal presented itself, since the Mets would have some starting-pitching depth to absorb his departure. This is definitely the least likely of the five, but don’t rule it out. Obviously Met fans don’t want to hear this last one as Dickey is the favorite for Cy Young and is the difference between the Mets being in “Cubs territory”

Other than Dickey, the other four guys on this list are up for major raises in arbitration. That is definitely a major factor why these guys are available in trades and could be moved. The Mets normally would be building around these guys and not trading them if they had money but obviously by now we acknowledge they don’t. All four will be more expensive next year and the Mets must consider trading Dickey if they can’t get a contract extension done before next spring. That should also give Dickey a major pay raise as well. I’m not confident that the Mets can keep all these guys and make upgrades elsewhere. Expect a busy trade season in Metland this winter….


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