Is this Ike’s last series as a Met???

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Hot Stove, News, Opinion
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By Steven Inman

A few weeks ago I discussed the notion that the Mets will entertain trading Ike Davis and moving Lucas Duda to first base. Since that post a report has come out that the Mets aren’t inclined to trade Lucas Duda, believing that his upside outweighs what they could net in a deal, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post. I believe internally the Mets are choosing between who to keep for next year, Ike Davis or Lucas Duda.

Even though this Mets front office didn’t draft Duda out of USC they seem to like him even more than the front office in the Omar Minaya regime did. Lucas Duda has a lot of power but is a poor defender at best and seems to lose confidence quickly when he gets into any kind of slump.

I would be surprised if the Mets don’t serious consider trading Davis during the winter. It has become clear that the team is worried about “attitude issues” with Ike that may or not be true. They really like Duda, the same report by Puma states that if the Mets don’t find the right deal for Davis they would be willing to put Duda back in the outfield and “hope for the best.” The Mets obviously believe in Duda more than Davis.

Are the 2013 Mets better off with Lucas Duda or Ike Davis at 1st base??

The Mets believe Ike Davis won’t ever be able to hit left handed pitching consistently enough while they believe that Duda eventually could hit lefties enough to be a good major league 1st basemen. The Mets believe they can get close to the “full dollar” in exchange for Ike while the Mets believe Lucas Duda still has much more to prove in the Major Leagues.

Despite a stint in the minor leagues Duda has 15 homeruns but hasn’t shown that he can hit much better than .250. “He wanted to prove to us, ‘I belong here and I’m going to stay here,’ ” Collins said. “He’s worked so hard at making adjustments at the plate, you kind of like where it is going to head.” Obviously Terry Collins believes Lucas Duda is going to be a major piece of the 2013 Mets.

 I believe the Mets are making a mistake in potentially giving up on Davis for Duda.  I understand the Mets have to give up a “core piece” or two to get more pieces back but Ike is hitting in the mid .220’s. Unless you think he can’t do better than that next year the Mets are selling too low on Ike Davis. I also believe the Mets expectations for Ike Davis are too high. If you’re a Mets fans and you are still watching this team for the final 3 games keep in mind this could be Ike Davis’ last series as a Met.


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