The Mets all time hit leader…. David Wright

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Citi Field, News
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By Steven Inman

Congrats to David Wright for becoming the Mets all time hit leader in tonight’s game at Citi Field against Pittsburgh. David recorded an infield hit off the Pirates Jeff Locke. David received a huge standing ovation and later added another hit to the total, giving Wright 1,420 hits the new franchise mark.

Ed Kranepool who had the record since 1979 with 1,418 hits now gives way to David Wright with 1,420 and counting

This is an amazing accomplishment for David and although he isn’t really an “individual awards” kind of guy, you could tell by the ovation he got that it meant something to him. Ed Kranepool held the mark for over 30 years with 1,418. It took Kranepool 18 years to get their while it took David just 9. If haven’t seen the clip of David Wright breaking the record and would like too, you can check that out here.

It’s remarkable. It’s a testament to what a really good player he is. It’s a testament to his work ethic. He’s never satisfied and always wants to get better. Tonight I had him sign a ball for me. I said I have the one from when you broke the RBI and I got your hit one. I said I want to be here when you get your home run one. He said based on that it will be awhile. I disagree with that. He’ll break that one too, soon.” Mets manager Terry Collins said. Terry believes David will spend his entire career with the Mets. If that happens, David will be the first superstar hitter to do just that.

Give David a ton of credit but there is a reason the hit record is so small. That’s because the great hitters in the history of the Mets organization have all spent a large amount of time on other teams. Mike Piazza spent nearly a decade outside Queens. Darryl Strawberry who holds the next milestone for David the homerun total, spent most of his career outside of Queens. Jose Reyes who had spent his career with the Mets recently signed for over 100 million dollars with the Mets division rival, the Marlins.

David Wright has the opportunity to be the first Mets hitting star to spend his entire career in the blue and orange. The Mets will pick up his 16 million team option for next year but after that he can be a free agent. The Mets cannot let it get that far. They must sign him to an extension this offseason as David has said repeatedly he will not talk extension during a season.

To me it doesn’t make that much sense to trade David as I have said repeatedly here on BrokeMets the two most difficult positions to fill these days are catcher and third base. Mets don’t have a catcher but they have one awesome third basemen. Don’t create unnecessary holes for yourself unless you get absolutely bowled over in a trade offer.

After next season the only player under contract is Jon Niese. That’s it just 5 million dollars are accounting for 2014. The Wilpons may not have much money but they are going to have to spend some money by then. Why Not David Wright as he has already proven he can play under the bright lights that are New York City. After 33 seasons the Mets have a new hit leader, now lock him up!




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