The Mets have been officially eliminated…….

Posted: September 20, 2012 in News, Opinion

By Steven Inman

Well if you have watched any New York Mets Baseball over the last few months this title shouldn’t surprise you but with the Phillies win over the Mets tonight and the Cardinals win this afternoon the Mets have been officially eliminated as their “tragic number” hit zero. It is very unfortunate but everyone saw it coming even after being 46-40 at the all star break. Here at Broke Mets I have understood that the Mets will not be making a postseason pennant run this season and have been spending time thinking of creative ideas to how the Mets can make a surprise run next year despite not having any money.

It is very fitting that the Mets got eliminated on a night where spot starter Jeremy Hefner gave up 7 runs to the arch rival Phillies who are trying to sneak back in the wild card race. Hefner left the game without getting a SINGLE out. While there was some excitement early on this season with a no hitter by Johan Santana and a lot of clutch 2 out hitting, 2012 will be considered a disappointment and serious changes must be made by Sandy Alderson this offseason. Until this team improves Citifield will remain looking like a ghost town. If you had September 20th as the day the Mets were officially eliminated unfortunately you were correct.


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