Welcome to BrokeMets!!!

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Steven Inman 


The New York Mets are at the end of yet another subpar year which is ending with more questions than answers. This will be the Mets 4th straight year being under .500 and with few quality prospects emerging in the Mets farm system, how can they get better for the 2013 season?

As a team playing in New York City, the answer would likely be spending money on free agents and build a championship team that way. However the Mets owners Jeff and Fred Wilpon have recently lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the Madoff Ponzi scam and barely have enough monetary funds to keep the team. The other way would be to build through the draft but that could take many years, so how can the Mets build a good team for next season?

Every season several teams who have been struggling in previous seasons seemingly come out of nowhere to emerge as World Series contenders. However the keen observer sees that don’t just get lucky they are being active in the offseason and are determining which players are part of the futures and which players should be traded for other pieces.

A 25 man roster in major league baseball is like a jig saw puzzle, where not only do you need the right pieces but they also have to fit correctly. Here on BrokeMets we will determine which current Mets are part of the solution, who isn’t and how the organization can find the other pieces while on a very strict budget.



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